Case No 1 - Office rental of 8,900 square feet for a para-government organization for a ten years rent agreement with 3 five years renewal options.Market study of all available spaces in a designed area. Recommandations of 8 available locations and negociation of a site for a transaction of $925,600.00

Case no 2 - Market study to install a third branch office in the North Shore and/or Lower Laurentides. research of the site  (Availability, Zoning ...etc) with a complete demographic study. Recommandation of 8 sites found with a complete discretion to eleminate speculation. Negociation of a designed piece of land of 350,000 square feet for a transaction of $744,000.00

Case no 3 - Complete financial analysis of a 13 spaces Strip Center in Laval and negociation of a offer to purchase for an undisclosed customer. Transaction of $3,000,200.00

Case no 4 - Referral from Toronto's RE/MAX network.- Find an office space of 5,000 square feet, a warehouse of 11,000 square feet and a land of 98,000 s.f. fence and asphalt with outside storage for a multi-national entity in the outskirt of Montreal. Negociation with a Constructor/Promoter for a ten years lease with 3 five years options of renewal. tranaction of $2,573,307.00

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