Why ?


  • To know the price to pay ?
  • How to increase my net operation revenues and cash flows.
  • To know the right price to offer and what my margin of negotiation.
  • To avoid losing thousand of dollars in improvisation.
  • Avoid speculation and keep the prices reasonable in using our discreet approach.
  • To choice to build an office building, a commercial srip center and/or an industrial building.
  • Would it be wise to sale leaseback on a long period?
  • To know the feasibility to build multi-apartments ,townhouses , apartment condos ,hotel, warehouse ..etc
  • To diagnose a building if we should change the vocation, buy the leases and estimate the costs.
  • To know how much and when to invest and when to get out and with how much return.
  • To know the price to pay and what would be the yield of purchasing of an (11) leases local shopping center ?
  • To correct a very high vacancy rate and to put right a property.
  • To renew a commercial lease at what price and for how many years.
  • Would it be wise to buy and renovate and/or build a new property.
  • Find in a city or in your area the best site to build your project.
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